Helping Pets

Wellness Exams

The majority of health ailments that dogs and cats develop are entirely preventable. This is why we are such advocates for routine wellness exams. During your pet’s physical exam, we will thoroughly check the physiological systems of your pet (such as their heart, lungs, and skin). We will be able to establish a baseline for health and behavior so that we are quick to notice if something subtle goes amiss. Scheduling routine wellness exams is one of the most cost effective and important decisions you can make in your pet’s healthcare. Every pet should have an annual exam, and pets with certain health conditions or seniors should have more frequent exams.


Periodontal disease is the most common health condition we see here at Riverwood Veterinary Clinic. The majority of dogs and cats over the age of three show signs of periodontal disease. This begins when plaque is not brushed away after eating. The plaque hardens and turns into calculus. It then begins to spread below the gum line, where it creates a hospitable breading ground for bacteria and begins to erode the tooth’s supporting structures. Periodontal disease is very painful for pets, and it can even spread bacteria to vital organs, raising incidences of organ disease. But not to fear – periodontal disease is no match for our skilled team! We can perform dental cleanings, extractions, and more.


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Whether your pet needs a routine procedure (such as spay or neuter), or something more complex, rest assured knowing that your dog or cat is in careful and capable hands. Our surgical suite is advanced and our surgical team is exceptionally trained.

Parasite Control

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Parasites can be severe irritants for pets, and can even be dangerous. We can advise you on what medications to provide for your pet, and will even help you administer them if needed.


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Vaccinations are a safe, easy, and inexpensive way of keeping your dog or cat safe from a number of serious diseases. During your visit, we will explain the difference between core vaccinations and non-core vaccinations, and will work with you to plan a regiment that makes sense for your pet.